CAD/CAM software explained

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CAD/CAM software is used for manufacturing parts using CNC machines or industrial robots

CAD/CAM can be divided into two parts: CAD and CAM. Let's look at them both in details.
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Stands for computer aided design
CAD software is used for design
CAD software is a special software dedicate to design. Literally any shape can be designed in a CAD software. Contemporary manufacturing process always includes virtual design of all part elements in a CAD software.

There are different classes of CAD software which are used for different tasks.

There are freeform CAD systems used widely to move hadcrafted, organic or art process to the digital world.

And there are parametric CAD systems. We call also call them Engineering CAD software. People use them to design production parts, mold&dies and anything else what can be manufactured using a CNC machine. Most commonly used engeneering CAD systems are Solidworks, OnShape, Inventor.


Stands for computer aided manufacturing
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CAM software is the engeneering software used by CNC machinists and industrial robots programmers.

CAM software is used to generate ready-to-go toolpaths. It is highly automated tool for creating machining technology in virtual environment.

Input data for CAM software is a 3D model. Output data is the g-code.

Usually CAM software includes:
- toolpath strategies,
- toolpath calculation module,
- simulation module,
- toolpath to g-code translation module,
- g-code verification module.

In addition to this with the help of CAM software CNC programmer can optimize generated toolpath eliminate collisions and reduce air-cut in order to use machine time more effectively.
5 axis cam software
CNC programming workflow in CAM software
Import the model
Build machining process
Simulate and verify
Main CAM software benefits
Create machining technology in virtual environment
In CAM software CNC programming can be performed while the real machine is running. Machinr time is used more effectively.

Thanks to machining simulation the g-code comeing from CAM software is ready-to-run. Collision detection and avoidance and toolpath optimization is performed in CAM software.
Create complex machinig technology
Multi-axis and mill-turn machining centers programming is no problem for a suitable CAM software.

These machines are very complex and can not be programmed manually. The machining technology includes simultaneous movement of 4 or 5 axis. This is programmed in CAM software.
Use 100% of your CNC machine capabilities
CAM software includes sophisticated toolpath calculation algorithms which are extremely effective. More than that. Comprehensive toolpath strategy pack in professional CAM software allows to program literally any part machining.

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