Routers programming in SprutCAM
NC code generation solution for 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-axis router machines for cutting, sawing, milling, engraving and hole machining

It's easy to get a toolpath in SprutCAM

In SprutCAM you get the first toolpath without setting any parameters at all. After that, you can play with parameters, visually controlling the result.
Import the model
Select the toolpath strategy
Press "Run"
Get the toolpath
Which types of machining for routers are progammed in SprutCAM
From simple 2D to complex multiaxis cutting. Plasma, laser, water-jet, mill and knife are supported.
Milling 2 - 5D
All the power of professional algorithms which are used for industrial machining centers programming is available for routers.
Engraving on flat and curved surfaces.
Equipment support
2 axis cutting machines
3- and 4-axis milling machines
5-axis machines
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