4 axis milling programming
Rotary milling. Productions of screws, blades,
gear wheels, balusters.

It's easy to get a toolpath in SprutCAM

In SprutCAM you get the first toolpath without setting any parameters at all. After that, you can play with parameters, visually controlling the result.
Import the model
Select the toolpath strategy
Press "Run"
Get the toolpath

Rotary machining in SprutCAM

4 axis index machining
All 3-axis toolpath strategies are also available for 4 axis index machining.
4 axis continuous machining
SprutCAM has roughing toolpath for quick material removing and finishing toolpath for the required surface quality for the 4 axis continuous machining.

3 basic strategies for 4 axis machining in SprutCAM

Rotary machining special toolpaths
Rotary roughing
An operation for removing a large amount of material. There are toolpaths for machining with spiral, circular, and linear passes. The entire circle or sector can be machined.
Rotary finishing
The same as 3-axis plane finishing operation. Set the step to get the desired surface finish.
Profile machining (5d contour)
The most multipurpose toolpath strategy. You can take a set curves as a job geometry.

Rotary machining simulation

SprutCAM simulates the rotational machining with all machine moving parts and collision control.
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All the 3 axis strategies are suitable for rotary machining in SprutCAM

Find out more about 3 axis machines programming in SprutCAM. All these operations are proper for machines with the 4th axis.
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