SprutCAM for mill-turn: milling and turning programming in one software
SprutCAM for mill-turn is a complete multi-tasking CNC programming software for all-in-one machining in a single setup

Mill-turn machining in SprutCAM

Mill-turn programming workflow
Select machine
Import the part
and perform the setup
Select the toolpath and press Run
Get the toolpath and
watch the simulation

Turn-mill toolpath calculation in SprutCAM

Workpiece and the machine scheme are considered while toolpath calculation in every operation
Streamline CNC programming workflow with SprutCAM
SprutCAM calculates toolpath in the native kinematics of the CNC machine.

What does this mean to the user?

This means that toolpath calculation considers collisions between moving parts of the machine between themselves and with the workpiece and exits beyond the axis limits.

You do not need to postprocess the NC code to simulate the real-world result. All machine movements are visible immediately after the toolpath calculation.

CNC programming becomes visual, workflow is streamlined.
Observe the workpiece through the machining process at every moment
SprutCAM can perform turning and milling toolpaths in any order. The workpiece for each next operation is the result of all the previous ones. You can see the current state of the workpiece at every moment.

In the screenshot, green is a part, and orange the result of all previous operations by this stage. At the same time it is a workpiece for the next operation.

All turning and milling toolpath strategies are suitable for mill-turn programming in SprutCAM

Learn the milling and turning operations in SprutCAM.
All of these toolpaths are suitable for mill-turn machines.

SprutCAM features for mill-turn

C and Y axes support
Use C and Y for machining in the main spindle or counter-spindle, on the outer diameter and on the part face.
Watch simulation
B-axis support
Index milling of the part in inclined planes and 5-axis machining using all machine axes.
Watch 5-axis turn-mill example
Polar interpolation support
If the movement range along the Y-axis is very tight, or the Y-axis is absent, the polar interpolation option can be enabled in SprutCAM.

Then the displacement along Y will be replaced by the C-axis.
Watch a polar interpolation machining

Auxiliary operations programming

Part takeover, long parts machining using two spindles, lunette, tailstock, bar feeders, parts catchers, workpiece loaders can be programmed in SprutCAM.

Explore more sophisticated types of mill-turn programming in SprutCAM

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