Lathe machines programming
SprutCAM for lathe machines: turning and boring of cylindrical, conical and shaped surfaces, threading, trimming, facing, drilling and reaming holes.

Lathe features in SprutCAM

All types of turning operations
Facing, ID and OD roughing, finishing, threading, grooving, face grooving, lathe hole machining, part-off.
Lathe canned cycles
According to user's desire, SprutCAM can output G-code using lathe cycles or not.
Streamlined CNC programming workflow
SprutCAM calculates toolpath for lathe and all other machining processes in the native kinematics of the CNC machine.

What does this mean to the user?

This means that toolpath calculation considers collisions between moving parts of the machine between themselves and with the workpiece and exits beyond the axis limits.

You do not need to postprocess the NC code to simulate the real-world result. All machine movements are visible immediately after the toolpath calculation.

CNC programming becomes visual, workflow is streamlined.

More than that, thanks to this feature user can save even more machine time by final tuning of the machine. For example minimize time consumption by optimizing tools location in the revolver.

Lathe programming time-savers

Toolpath preview, interactive approaches and retracts, drag&drop contour editing, threads database.
Save time with toolpath preview
SprutCAM shows a toolpath sketch even before the toolpath calculation. So programming is getting faster.
Setting the approach interactively
Useful for obtaining easy readable integers in the G-code.
CNC machinists will appreciate it.
Drag&drop contour editing
Edit the machining contour directly in the interface. SprutCAM will show the toolpath sketch with the changes.
Threads database
Select the thread type and dimensions from the database. Step and depth will be filled automatically.

Advanced turning programming in SprutCAM

B-axis support
You can use B-axis and machine more complex contours with one tool. Supporting the B axis reduces the number of used tools and allows to machine more sophisticated contours.
Watch the machining simulation with the B-axis
Screw parts with an arbitrary profile
Make a feed-screw with any profile or, for e.g., a buttress thread using this feature.
Watch the profiled feed-screw machining simulation

Mill-turn programming in SprutCAM

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