CAD and PLM software integration

Data import/export, SprutCAM integration into company's
IT infrastructure

CAD integration

Associative direct import from CAD systems and
CAD file formats support
Direct import from CAD systems
CAD file formats support
  • IGES (*.igs, *.iges)
  • STEP (*.stp, *.step)
  • DXF (*.stp, *.step)
  • STL (*.stl)
  • Parasolid text (*.x_t, *.xmt_txt)
  • Parasolid binary (*.x_b, *.xmt_bin)
  • VRML (*.wrl)
  • PostScript (*.ps, *.eps)

SprutCAM and cloud-based CAD software Onshape integration

Keep CAD-models and SprutCAM projects in cloud for free

SprutCAM is TeamCenter PLM integrated CAM software

SprutCAM fits the companies where the Teamcenter PLM system is implemented.
The integration module works like this: SprutCAM receives data from Teamcenter to form the NC code for the CNC machine.

After SprutCAM's job is completed, a list of technological operations and tool lists are transferred to Teamcenter.
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