Additive and hybrid manufacturing programming
Programming of cladding on 5-axis machines,
hybrid technology on mill-turn machines.

What kinds of additive technologies are programmed
in SprutCAM

Metal cladding
Plastic 3D printing
Concrete 3D printing
Stem cells 3D printing

What equipment for additive manufacturing can be programmed in SprutCAM

Whatever CNC machines or industrial robots,
SprutCAM can handle both.
CNC machines
3 — 5 axis and more, mill or turn-mill.
Industrial robots
6 axis industrial robots with additional axis.

Multiaxis cladding programming

6 axis industrial robot with 2 axis turning table cladding. Programmed in SprutCAM.

Hybrid manufacturing programming in SprutCAM

Cladding, mill and turn operations on one CNC machine.
Whole process is programmed in SprutCAM.
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