High speed machining (HSM)
High speed and adaptive toolpaths for quick material removal.
Tool life considered.

Equipment safety:
collision control during toolpath calculation

SprutCAM uses machine axis limits for initial toolpath calculation. There is no need for postprocessing and separate simulation for collision and axis limits control.
Tool holder collision control
Tool holder collisions hadnling during toolpath calculation.
Moving parts collision control
Machine moving parts collisions with each other and with the workpiece handling during toolpath calculation.
Axis limits control
Axis limits are considered during toolpath calculation.

Rest material handling

SprutCAM always keeps the workpiece updated live within the operations sequence to optimize the toolpath and avoid air-cutting.

Every subsequent operation detects the workpiece in the state it was left by previous operation.

Thus the machine time is kept optimized.

On the screenshot green color is the part itself and orange is the current state of the workpiece.
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