2.5 and 3 axis milling programming
Production of body parts, mold&dies and any other parts on a 3 axis milling machine.

It's easy to get a toolpath in SprutCAM

In SprutCAM you get the first toolpath without setting any parameters at all. After that, you can play with parameters, visually controlling the result.
Import the model
Select the toolpath strategy
Press "Run"
Get the toolpath

3 axis milling in SprutCAM

Remove material quickly
The new "Adaptive" strategy for high-speed machining. Used for fast material removal. Rapid calculation and delicate with tool.
Watch video
Get the required surface quality
Scallop and morph toolpaths will help you to get desired surface finish

Equipment safety:
collision control during toolpath calculation

SprutCAM uses machine axis limits for initial toolpath calculation. There is no need for postprocessing and separate simulation for collision and axis limits control.
Tool holder collision control
Tool holder collisions hadnling during toolpath calculation.
Moving parts collision control
Machine moving parts collisions with each other and with the workpiece handling during toolpath calculation.
Axis limits control
Axis limits are considered during toolpath calculation.

3 basic toolpath strategies for 3 axis machining in SprutCAM

The most commonly used toolpath strategies for 3 axis machining in SprutCAM. You will use them often, too.
Roughing waterline
Industry standard toolpath. Roughing waterline in SprutCAM is smart and fast. There are equidistant, parallel, adaptive and high-speed strategies.
Hole machining operation
Drilling, threading, centering, countersinking, boring, milling of holes.
Along the contour (2D contour)
The most universal operation. You can set flat curves as a job assignment.

Full list of 3 axis machining strategies

face milling, roughing waterline, roughing plane, pocketing, hole machining.

Rest machining:
pencil, corners cleanup.

2D contour, 3D contour, morph, scallop, 3D helical, waterline, flat land, plane, optimized plane, complex, combine, engraving.

All 3 axis toolpaths can be used
not only with 3 axis machines

But also with 4- and 5-axis milling and turn-milling machines

3 axis machining time-savers

Automatic flat faces detection, hole recognition, rest material removal.
Save time with automatic rest material machining
Rest machining removes material that a previous tool or operation could not remove.

In SprutCAM areas for rest machining are detected automatically. Thus SprutCAM saves machinist's time for toolpath creation and the machine time

Primarily useful for freeform surfaces machining.
Save time with automatic "select same diameter" feature for holes machining
Select a set of holes with one click and run toolpath calculation. Huge time-saver for parts with large number of holes.

For example part for heat exchangers can contain 2000 holes each. This automation saves hours for CNC machinist.
Save time with automatic flat faces detection
Automatic flat faces detection makes the additional passes for the all flat faces in the machining area. Additional toolpaths for the faces between the steps of roughing waterline are not required.

Sketch based machining

Design a part in embedded 2D CAD and use it as an input data for machining.
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