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CNC programming workflow in sprutcam

Get the real-world toolpaths without switching to simulation and post-processing

Toolpath calculation in SprutCAM takes into an account part location and all machine movements. There is no need to simulate and postprocess to see the real-world result.
Read how SprutCAM will streamline your CNC programming process
SprutCAM takes into account the CNC machine model during the toolpath calculation. Before starting the programming, the user puts the models of the part and fixtures inside the virtual machine. After that it's easy to estimate the reachability of the surfaces when picking it for the machining.

All the restrictions of the machine model kinematics, the actual rest material which left after previous operations, fixtures geometry are used to calculate the toolpath. The result of the calculation is not the Cartesian points in the abstract empty space, it's the positions of the machine axes to reach these points. It means that the CNC machine is 100% able to execute the generated program.

Immediately after toolpath is calculated SprutCAM performs simulation in the background and shows the new state of the workpiece to the user in the same window. Watching the result user easily makes the decision how to correct the parameters without switching to simulation or postprocessing.

Thanks to that the iterations of CNC programming become less time consuming, and the CNC programming workflow itself becomes intuitive and clear.
What is sprutcam?

SprutCAM — cost-effective and powerful
solution for CNC programming

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CNC programming Solutions

Extensive range of CNC programming solutions

2, 3, 4, 5 axis milling, turning, turn-milling, 2D, 5D&6D cutting, HSM, Swiss-type machining, multitask machining, EDM and additive&hybrid technologies, 6 axis industrial robots programming.
SprutCAM Robot
Comprehensive solution for industrial robots programming
All-in-one software for industrial robots offline programming:
  • toolpath calculation,
  • simulation,
  • toolpath optimization,
  • post-processing.

Why CNC machinists choose SprutCAM

CNC programming workflow in SprutCAM is unique.
Try it once and stay with it for years.
Streamlined CNC programming workflow
SprutCAM calculates toolpath in the native kinematics of the CNC machine.

What does this mean to the user?

This means that toolpath calculation considers collisions of moving parts of the machine between themselves and with the workpiece and exits beyond the axis limits. All this happens while the toolpath is calculated, not in simulation.

You do not need to postprocess the NC code to simulate the real-world result. All machine movements are visible immediately after the toolpath calculation.

CNC programming becomes visual, workflow is streamlined.
Advanced rest material handling:
watch how the workpiece is machined during every operation
In SprutCAM simulation is processed in the background after every operation. So the workpiece for each subsequent operation is the result of a previous operation.

Thus, when calculating the toolpath, SprutCAM considers the result of the previous operation.

Toolpath calculation based on the result of the previous operation gives three advantages at once:
  • visual programming: the result of processing is visible immediately after the toolpath calculation in each operation;
  • workpiece collision control;
  • reduced movements by air without material removal.
Reliable simulation: safety for the equipment
SprutCAM simulation shows all machine movements during machining process. 5-axis and complex turn-mill machines are not exceptions.

In addition, SprutCAM automatically marks NC program frames in which it detects collisions, part gauges and axis movements out of limits.

Reliable and detailed simulation is the guarantee to no surprises during physical machining process.
Reliable NC code: G-code simulation
and verification
If you have SprutCAM, then you do not need a separate software for G-code verification.

G-code verification feature supports Fanuc, Heidenhein, and Siemens CNCs with canned cycles.

G-code verification reveals:
  • possible bugs in the postprocessor,
  • at what point of processing the technological commands are turned on and off;
  • which movement causes gauge or collision;
  • which reference points are used to retract the tool.

CNC machines and robots compatibility

There are no restrictions on the design or manufacturer of the machine and the CNC control in SprutCAM.
Here are some machine brands for which SprutCAM was implemented.
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The SPRUT Technology team has been working on CAM software development since 1986. During this long period we have gained extensive experience and expertise in computer-aided manufacturing. Our team consists of experts and practitioners in the technologies required to power the tools to make CNC programming easier, faster, and more effective for our customers. Algorithms of toolpath strategies and reliable simulation are developed by the SPRUT Technology team to create the foundation for our software.

SPRUT Technology reinforces its commitment to technical excellence by dedicating nearly 25 percent of its annual revenue to ongoing research and product development. This long-term focus has produced powerful technological innovations that have placed SprutCAM in an industry-leading position since its market launch in 1997.

SPRUT Technology maintains its worldwide headquarters and product development teams in Naberezhnye Chelny, Russia. Sales and support operations are located in Asia, Africa, North and South America, Europe, and Australia.

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